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Young talents:  category A 

Age:  8 years old and younger

1 Prize

2 Prize


3 Prize

GUBA Hannah (8 years old, Hungary/United Kingdom)


FILIBI Uxue (8 years old, Spain)

LANCIEN Camille (6 years old, France)

BYAMBATSOGT Gunbileg (7 years old, Mongolia)

Young talents:  category B 

Age:  9 – 12 years old 

1 Prize


2 Prize 

3 Prize

KIM Jiwan (11 years old, South Korea)

NICOLAS-DEMART Démian (12 years old, France)

no prize awarded

OGAWA Kazuné (10 years old, France)

Young talents:  category C

Age:  13 – 15 years old 

1 Prize

2 Prize 

3 Prize

STOHNUSHENKO Diana (15 years old, Ukraine)

SEZGIN Julian (15 years old, France)

BARSAN Méra (13 years old, France)

BEN-NAHIL Jonas (13 years old, France)

LAMBERT Camille (14 years old, France)

Young talents:  category D

Age:  16 – 18 years old

no prize awarded

Amateur Pianists category

Age:  19 years old and older (no age limit) 

1 Prize

2 Prize 

3 Prize

YAMASAKI Sho (34 years old, Japan)

MEISSNER-BERNARD Claire (32 years old, France/Switzerland)


STREICHER Aurèle (42 years old, France)

DE NICOLAS-KAMATA Cosima (74 years old, France)

We inform you that you have the possibility to ask your questions on the awarding of prizes.

For this you are invited to send an email before August 12, 2021 to the following address:

The subject of an email should be as follows: Question about the awarding of prizes

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